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Add-On Functionality


Available as existing Applications easily
installed or by customized coding via API

Add-On Functionality - Enhance Your Visitors Experience!

Available as existing Applications easily installed or by customized coding via API

Combined Application Suites

Matrix image extension suite

The Matrix Image Extension Suite

Extending beyond the existing limit of how many product images you can associate to a given product, The Matrix Image Extension Suite combines two applications - Product Image Module and Color Swatch.

These applications when installed in tandem, allow you to set up in the product catalog, and to offer visual image swatches, in place of (or in addition to) the standard drop-down select menu (matrix) eCom shows, for the customer to select their preferred color.

These swatches allow you to show a visual reference of the color or fabric pattern instead of a just a text label in the drop-down menu. Once installed, you can log in to the app administration area, to see your products and their color matrix options being read from the Lightspeed eCom product catalog and you are able to upload as many images as need to the associated product.


Multi-store inventory complier suite

The Multi-store Inventory Compiler Suite

Connect and combine the inventory for multiple Lightspeed Retail POS accounts/locations to feed into one Lightspeed eCom web store. When orders are downloaded, then have them redistributed back to the POS of inventory origin for fulfilment.

The Multi-Store Inventory Compiler Suite, combines two applications, The Inventory Compiler which it's main functionality is to compile all inventory stock levels and feed that aggregate inventory number to your eCom web store. And, Order Splitter app that works as orders are downloaded from your Lightspeed eCom Web store, the Order Splitter app is able to determine, based on rules we customize with you, the location POS, to fulfill each item in the order.

Requires one Lightspeed Retail account with multiple shops/locations within it, that will then feed into the one Lightspeed eCom Web store. An additional shop will need to be setup within your Lightspeed Retail account for the compiler to run in and which eCom will connect to. See details in links below.

Gift cards as payment suite

The Gift Cards as Payments Suite

The Gift Cards Suite is a custom install of AdVision's Gift Cards app working with any payment gateway, outside of any bundled with Lightspeed (Stripe, presently.

If your not using one of these payment gateways, then for your consideration if The Gift Cards Suite, that includes the Gift Card app and the DevCredits needed for custom payment integration to work with your payment gateway of choice.

Gift Cards app allows your customers to use a balance on any Gift Cards - that you have setup in Lightspeed Retail POS and to use it towards their order payment during checkout on the eCom web store.

Since the app works with Lightspeed Retail's gift card feature, you can also accept the same gift cards in store as the Lightspeed Retail POS is sync'd with the eCom web store.

Gift registry suite

The Gift Registry Suite

Installing the Gift Registry application, and then visually customizing how the pages, related to the app are presented to the viewer, so as to match the existing design and style of the eCom theme.

The Gift Registry Suite includes the Gift Registry app and DevCredits will hove AdVision design team work with your existing theme to put in place an appealing presentation of the Gift Registry.

Visitors to your eCom web store are able to create their own gift registries and add products to them. The Gift Registries can be shared with other users who can then purchase items for the registry’s ‘event’, (wedding for example).

The app handles the tracking of registries, registry items and the purchase of registry items, with support to manage gifts purchased in-store and online. The app also features an administration area that allows the eCom owner to review and administer all the Gift Registries setup by their customers.

eCom Compatible Payment Modules

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