I have large files to send, how do I use AdVision FTP?

AdVision FTP site is a server based repository for large files that generally are to big to send via email or upload to online forms.


If you have multiple files that are in excess of 8 MB, you can upload via our SFTP site at sftp.advision-ecommerce.com


To send files to us, please download and install an FTP application from https://filezilla-project.org/download.php (Windows & Mac versions available).


Once installed, you can then set up to connect to our SFTP site...


URL: sftp.advision-ecommerce.com
USERNAME: advision_public
PASSWORD: 1_guest_user
PORT: 8616


As you login, please create a folder with your project’s name and then in that folder, upload you files or send us 'one compressed' folder as outlined below...


Please leave your SFTP app open while the files are being uploaded as uploading may take sometime, dependent on the final files size.


* To save you time, we recommend you assemble all the files you wish to send us in 'One' folder on your computer.

You can the 'compress' the folder by CTRL or OPTION clicking on the folder to see the pop up menu on your computer that allows you to compress the folder.

Then send the 'One folder' compressed folder you generate to us via our SFTP.

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