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AdVision offers a unique service for customizing Labels, Receipts, and Templates printed within the Lightspeed Retail POS.

Time to polish up your visual presentation of labels and other printouts from your Lightspeed Retail POS? AdVision's design and programming team can work with you to clean up and brand your printouts in a fashion that better suits your brand or image.

Product labels, receipts, purchase orders, transfers and workorders customized to your specifications.

Our most common requests include:

- Custom label sizes that aren't available in LSR
- Logo placed on labels for a more branded look
- Rearrange the layout of data displayed
- Parse information off a 'matrix product' to display differently
- Use different label size depending on product field value

Some other frequent requests include:

- Encode UPC in barcode (instead of system SKU)
- Layout labels for specific Avery label sheets
- Display today's date in specific format
- Remove cents from being displayed in price
- Remove the price from displaying on label
- Display product's image (on label or receipt)
- Show product's custom field or tag values
- Display different price level

Pricing : Customization time for any printout can range between 1 - 10 hours of work ($100 - $1000), depending on client's requirements.

By submitting your requirements, using the links below, we will be able to provide you with a 'Fixed Price Estimate' for your consideration.

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For Label Enquiries:

For Receipts, Purchase Orders:

For Label Enquiries:

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