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Data Bridge

Data Bridge

Administrative Apps / Services

Connect one (1) Lightspeed Retail POS 'shop' to multiple eCom eWeb Stores, while offering more flexibility and expanding upon the options for both single and multiple eCom Web Stores.

$ 3,400.00 USD - One-time & $ 65.00 USD - Monthly Subscription


Description : The 'Omni Channel' connector is what is between Lightspeed's Retail POS and eCom, and is offered by Lightspeed - upload products/download orders, is the core functionality of this connector.

Replacing the Omni connector with AdVision's own connector Data Bridge app, can significantly increase the functionality between Lightspeed Retail and the eCom Web Store.

The Data Bridge app feeds catalog data from the one (1) LSR 'shop', back into multiple shops within that one LSR account.

Assign the LSR shop you want a specific eCom's inventory to work off of and where that eCom's orders should be sent to.

If there are multiple pricing levels setup in the LSR catalog, you can indicate which pricing level each eCom should use (for example: wholesale pricing vs retail pricing), or disable pricing sync to an eCom site to manage pricing for that site directly in the eCom admin.

If you don't want certain products showing in a particular eCom site, in the app you can assign that eCom site to a shop that doesn't stock that product, and setup eCom to hide out of stock products, thus hiding the products you don't want seen on that site. If you don't want to use inventory status to hide products, additional filters can be setup for each eCom/LSR shop connection.

Like the Omni-channel connection, AdVision’s Data Bridge can push new products and product changes from LSR to eCom, including basic product info, brands, categories, pricing, and images.

New eCom orders, once marked as paid in eCom, are imported into a specified shop within your LSR account, and certain order updates in LSR are synced back to eCom.

- Connect one Lightspeed Retail POS to multiple eCom Web Stores
- Replaces Lightspeed's OmniChannel Connector
- Manage app's settings to syncs data between LSR and eCom site(s)
- Manually initiate syncs of a products and orders
- Maintains catalog and order syncing functionality of Omni connector
- Extended flexibility and advanced functionality
- Supports different pricing levels per eCom site

Why this App/Service : Circumnagivate existing limitations of Omni-channel connector to support increased flexibility and multiple eCom sites connecting to a single Lightspeed Retail account.